9 best grip socks for women in 2021-best non-slip socks

2021-11-12 09:08:22 By : Ms. Cindy Wang

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Very suitable for yoga, exercise, etc., these non-slip socks are great value for money.

There is nothing worse than an almost perfect yoga posture, only to be ruined by slippery socks. If you don’t know, rubber-soled non-slip socks are not only suitable for hospitalization. Grip socks have actually completely changed the rules of the game in the fitness world, which is why, if you haven’t, you should hoard and watch your exercise plan get better.

We know what you are thinking. Grip socks? Those are not... well, big and ugly? Don’t worry, your new stockings don’t have to look like post-operative outfits. Believe it or not, many retailers offer stylish, unremarkable grip socks designs. While some are more basic—ankle length, black, elastic fit, and heel-to-toe grip patterns—others are more complex and niche. There are five-toed socks with grip for Pilates, socks with ballet-style openings to improve breathability, and other socks with open toe designs to improve flexibility.

Whichever you choose, the best part is that unless you look closely, you can't even tell that most of them are decorated with rubber dots. Otherwise, they are like a pair of ordinary sports socks. Below, we outline some of the best on the market. Whether you are looking for interesting designs to spice up your next meeting, or looking for some slip-on shoes to provide traction to your wooden floor, there is everything here.

Just like Lululemon's other fitness equipment, the brand's grip socks will not disappoint. Their tops are made of a naturally breathable mesh fabric, and the bottoms are covered with rubber grippers. Your feet naturally touch the ground.

These socks have five-toed traction and are perfect for keeping you in the most complex posture. They are protected by socks so that you can go barefoot freely, while also preventing excessive accumulation of moisture during specific sweating exercises.

The eco-friendly PVC pattern covers the entire heel and toe of these socks for maximum grip. In addition, the ballet-style top opening creates space for breathability, keeping your feet dry and ready for performance.

These low-key, durable socks will last a long time. They have a back loop design that protects the Achilles tendon, supports compression of the midfoot arch, and a fitted heel that prevents twisting and tripping. An Amazon shopper wrote: "They fit all parts of my foot perfectly-no gathering or slipping, no thick, painful seams."

Because who said that grip socks must be boring? This mesh panel has 26 colors and various shiny designs, which can fully express your style and dynamics. 

Wear these retro-style grip crew socks to enjoy a more comprehensive moment, which is perfect for practicing yoga at home comfortably or completing a day's housework easily. If your feet are prone to freezing, this pair of shoes is especially ideal.

These beauties are hand impregnated and come in a variety of bright and interesting colors. In addition, they are manufactured by a company owned by women who support melanoma research and education.

We don't know what is better, these headless socks are beautiful and durable, or they come from a company that values ​​tree-free packaging and clean production. 

Bombas socks are known for their high-quality structure, and their grip socks are no exception. These insoles feature comfort and additional sole support, a honeycomb arch support system, Y-pin heel design to prevent twisting and slippage, and excellent silicone grips. The best part? For every pair of Bombas socks purchased, one pair will be donated to those in need.