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2021-11-12 09:08:15 By : Ms. Tansy Feng

Not everyone is ready to go back on the road-but many are ready. If someone on your gift list is planning a trip, whether long or short, here are some gift ideas that will play a big role in the coming years.

Even experienced travelers disagree with the argument of checking/not checking luggage. When most airlines started charging for checked luggage, the air war started, which is why I checked larger luggage. But here are some first-choice gifts for those who need to get through the airport quickly or just don't trust the cargo hold.

eBags updated this popular bag in 2019 in response to customer feedback. It is often on the "top ten suitcases" list. The company describes it as "hard side meets soft side" because its molded back is combined with a soft front. The zipper extension allows additional packaging space, the handle can be adjusted to three heights and two front "feet" limit tilt. It has seven colors. Excellent value for money.

First of all, how can we not love a company called "Baboon Landing on the Moon"? Most importantly, it has produced exquisite luggage-style bags, which are TSA-approved carry-on luggage. This size is designed for clothes that are 3-5 days old. It has a waterproof shell, four external handles, four pockets and adjustable shoulder straps, and there are a variety of interesting colors to choose from the internal printing design.

Kids like to have their own suitcase. This 21-inch hard-shell suitcase weighs only 6 pounds, can hold 30 pounds, and uses the coolest prints, including Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, unicorn, stretchable appearance, etc. .

It is important to ensure that liquid items do not ruin the trip due to leaking of the packaged clothes.

Many travel websites/publications list this situation as the first choice for women’s toiletries. It has an artificial leather look, polyester lining, double top zippers, two compartments and a small mirror-plus a stylish design.

This pouch is expensive, but the sustainable travel accessory designed for New Life Project has been used hard for many years. It has double zippers, phosphorescent cord handles, internal tissue pockets and waterproof coating.

I made a mistake and brought a bag on my international trip. It looks great-and it is impossible to find anything in it. This travel-proven bag can solve this problem.

This crossbody bag not only has multiple easy-to-access compartments, but also is made of anti-tilting net between the fabric layers, and has a radio frequency shielded credit card slot to prevent distance scanning. It is also made of waterproof nylon and comes in six colors.

$56.25 (holiday promotion)/

I believe Etsy has the best selection of fashionable passport holders and luggage tags. Below is an example:

Etsy customers gave these engraved luggage tags and passport covers five stars, which were custom laser engraved according to the buyer's specifications. Vegan leather covers and labels can be personalized in many ways. These are thoughtful and unique gifts for travel lovers.

Only 32.99 USD passport/46.99 USD passport plus two labels/ (EcoEngrave store)

This handmade leather passport cover from India is very beautiful, with several classic Indian art designs to choose from. It is morally derived from environmentally conscious vegetable tanning, screen printing, and cruelty-free leather. $25/

Yes, we still need them. Recently in Bratislava, a travel companion was pickpocketed with all available cash. Not a charming gift, but a truly useful gift.

Top, slim, lightweight, with an adjustable shoulder strap, this money belt prevents radio frequency identification (RFID) transmission.

$22.94/ (Sears market supplier)

Since some studies have shown that even higher-priced hotel chains can have bed bugs, bed bugs have been in the minds of travelers-not to mention No-Tell motels. In addition, there are good reasons for bacteria-conscious people to be suspicious of airplane seats. Therefore, travel sleeping bags are very popular now, with various fabrics and price ranges. This option is reasonably priced and has received excellent reviews.

This is an all-in-one lightweight bag with a built-in pillow pocket. The bag is made of the company's proprietary "technical" fabric, which is elastic, silky and soft, which can absorb moisture from the body and bring a cool sleep. When folded, it weighs less than two pounds and can be easily packed in carry-on or checked luggage.

For most of us, the overnight flight is spent bending over in our economy class seats. A good neck pillow can make the difference between persistent soreness and a good night's sleep.

This is the innovative design of the neck pillow by BCXSY, headquartered in Amsterdam. Its Mobius shape can be twisted and shaped to fit the space the wearer is in, even if it is only on the sofa at home. The company said, "Neck braces, lumbar pillows, window pillows, table pillows, eye masks, noise reduction pillows-these unique designs have everything."

I find the earplugs provided by airlines annoying. They won't stay in my ears, and it's really uncomfortable to start. In addition, they are not designed to stop the noise of young people in compartments playing video games. But these highly rated headphones are.

This model is an updated version of Sony’s popular XM3. It has closed over-ear headphones with active noise reduction, a close-fitting headband with easy-to-breath earmuffs, Bluetooth 5.0 connection, which can be used for wireless music listening and compatibility High-tech upgrades such as smart phone calls. These are not only used for travel, but will definitely get huge points together with the recipient.

After decades of various yoga practices, I have learned that the correct "yoga content" can make a big difference when enjoying a yoga class, whether in the studio or at home. Of course, what is "right" is a very personal choice, but for those who know themselves well for yoga lovers, one of these choices may be a holiday hot.

Honestly, we can all use another good yoga mat. The range of cushions is overwhelming, but here are three tested holiday gift possibilities.

The well-known company Gaiam produces a series of yoga mats, but for non-critical practitioners, their basic "classic" mats come in a variety of colors and prints, which is a good choice. They are 4 mm thick and do not contain latex.

Manduka's eKO Lite Mat promises "a surface with natural grip", which always contributes to the downward dog pose. It is made of biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested gum and has a thickness of 4 mm.

Recommended by the yoga master Kip Taylor of Richmond's Gaia Yoga, these mats are designed and manufactured by two black female yogis. Features include an extra-long length that can accommodate tall people, and an extra cushion with a thickness of 5 mm. They are made of micro suede and 100% natural rubber and proudly showcase black women in various classic yoga poses.

Of course, people can drag their mats and props to the classroom without a bag, but why? There are two very different options here, one is big enough to hold everything-and inspire fond memories of the early yoga era-and the other is high-tech and streamlined.

This canvas travel bag is made of vegan and environmentally friendly materials. It can hold cushions, towels, building blocks and shoulder straps. It also has an external pocket for keys and mobile phones. In addition, as with all Kindfolk products, $1 of the purchase price will be donated to one of the company’s three non-profit partners, "to help empower women around the world."

There is no doubt that yoga sweats. Bacteriophobic yogis will love this bag, which is made of health-care quality materials with silver inside and outside. It is designed to carry only the cushion, but has a clean "antibacterial style". Includes detachable shoulder strap.

The shavasana, the final resting posture of almost all yoga classes, is enhanced by the use of weighted eye pillows. This pillow recommendation also comes from Kip Taylor of Gaia Yoga.

This silk pillow is full of flaxseed and real lavender fragrance. Placed above the eyes, its light weight relieves eye fatigue and blocks light, as the calming lavender scent helps to relax. It is packed in a beautiful school bag.

In most classes, barefoot is still the norm, but I now prefer to use yoga socks. Of course, most socks are traditional "most boring" gifts-but not these. The selection below is actually more like a very lightweight shoe, but well maintained, and available in a variety of colors and prints. It is also recommended for Barre and Pilates.

"Mary Jane" design, increased heel label to protect the Achilles tendon. The company's "stellar grip" pattern maintains a good foothold and is particularly helpful in balancing posture.

At least in California, the most popular yoga blanket has always been the Mexican "falsa" blanket, made of washable acrylic. They are easy to roll up and use as props and provide warmth and comfort during shavasana. There are more blanket styles to choose from, but the old-fashioned but easy-to-use styles are still the perfect choice. Take a look at the slightly upgraded version below.

Premium Serape Falsa blankets are made by Mexican craftsmen using hypoallergenic recycled synthetic materials. They are 79 x 51 inches in size and come in a variety of bright colors and prints. They are machine washable and should be dried. Benevolence LA will give back to Water Mission through every purchase made by its charity partners.

Some people prefer total silence when doing yoga at home, but I like music that complements practice. I have a special position for the music company Putumayo, which has done a lot to bring music from all over the world to American music fans. Its website lists several "yoga music" products, but the following two are my choices.

Simple, melodic repertoire may be the most soothing, just like in acoustic yoga, but if a more energetic class is being carried out, World Yoga, the choice from Mali to Nepal, may be the case. It is difficult to gift-wrap downloads and streams, but Putumayo also offers these, including 320-bit MP3 digital downloads.

The final choice came from Kip Taylor of Gaia, who liked the entire product line of the Washington state-based company. The rub contains only organic ingredients, including safflower oil, beeswax, sunflower, safflower herb, orange essential oil, chili, ginger, lobelia, arnica, habanero oil, clove essential oil and vitamin E made from sunflower. Just using it is worth making muscle sore. $12.99/ (search for "muscle friction")

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