Seeking donations of new socks for shelter residents

2021-12-06 13:04:39 By : Mr. Lucas He

December 5th-The Westmoreland Jewish Community Council, part of the Greater Pittsburgh Jewish Federation, helped people in the local refuge keep their feet this winter by collecting donations of new socks for its "Toe Hose" project warmth.

Rabbi Emerita Sara Perman of Greensburg said the new socks event will continue until January 3.

Donors can leave the socks at the Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Office at 4936 Route 30, Suite 205, Unity, or at the Rose Style Shoppe at 906 Ligonier St. Latrobe.

The Jewish Community Council will distribute the socks to the Blackburn Center, a women’s shelter in Greensburg, and the Union Mission, a male shelter on Latrobe Harrison Avenue.

Joe Napsha is a contributing writer for Tribune-Review. You can contact Joe at 724-836-5252, or via Twitter.

Screenshot/Twitter Washington, DC-On Saturday night, a group of white supremacists rushed into downtown Washington, DC, holding American flags and mild plastic shields, walking down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial along the beat of the snare drum. However, after publicizing their plan to "recapture the United States," the force they originally intended to show fell into a huge halt when they lost their momentum.

The photo illustration of Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyCNN fired star primetime anchor Chris Cuomo on Saturday after the network said that “new information” appeared after his involvement in his brother’s fight against sexual harassment allegations. Cuomo was "angry" at him. A person familiar with the matter told the Daily Beast that the contract was terminated and was in talks with a lawyer. "This is not the way I want my time on CNN to end. But I have told you why and how I can help my brother," Kumoza

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that after 21 young people were arrested in Chicago’s Loop on Saturday night, parents are responsible for their children.

The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo issued a tweet on Sunday warning that foreigners are being intercepted by Japanese police in a "suspected racial profiling incident." "The U.S. Embassy has received reports of foreigners being intercepted and searched by Japanese police in suspected racial profiling incidents. Some of them have been detained, interrogated and searched," the tweet said. "U.S. citizens should bring an immigration certificate and request consular notice, if...

One morning, when her 10-year-old daughter tried to spray herself with air freshener before school, Brittany Tichenor-Cox suspected something was wrong. [...] The death of the bullied Utah girl triggered people’s concerns about suicide. Anger, racial discrimination first appeared on TheGrio.

Rep. Thomas Massie posted this photo a few days after shooting and killing four students at a high school in Michigan.

Birmingham, Alabama—He was holding his grandson for the first and last time. He picked some food. He poses for a family photo and captures a smile that is as nervous as a conversation. Then someone was in charge and said it was time. Nathaniel Woods assured his heavy father that everything would be fine. Dad, I love you, he said. It was late in the afternoon on March 5, 2020, and Alabama chose this day as the last day of Woods. 15 years ago because of

On Saturday, a U.S. congressman killed four teenagers in a shooting at a high school in Michigan. A few days later, he posted a Christmas photo of himself and his family who appeared to be his family. They smiled and took Posing with various guns. 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley carried out the deadliest school shooting in the United States this year on Tuesday. This is the latest in a series of decades of mass shootings in American schools.

GoFundMe recently terminated a fundraising campaign for William "Rody" Bryan, one of the people convicted of murdering Ahmed Abery last month because of it Say[…]

This is not a respectable person, and we need to do something to remove the name of Cass from the area named in his memory.

On Saturday, during the holiday parade on the beach in Flagler County, a classic car in the parade caught fire.

About 363 days later, in Columbus, Ohio, 23-year-old Casey Goodson Jr. was in front of his home […]

Earlier Saturday, James and Jennifer Crubley were found and arrested in a building with a fascinating past in Detroit.

According to a church representative, a plumber found behind a loose toilet while repairing the Lakewood Church of the Texas celebrity television evangelist Joel Osteen Cash and check envelope.

The woman was allegedly forcibly held by the suspect for a month.

A former Illinois State University (ISU) assistant football coach sued the team’s head coach and the school’s former sports director, claiming that he removed a "black man’s life is also a fate" poster from the door and replaced it with another poster Later, he violated his First Amendment rights.

After Matthew Hatcher/Getty was discovered by a team of fugitives on Saturday morning that the parents of Oxford High School shooter Ethan Crubley were allegedly "hiding" in a commercial property in eastern Detroit, attention turned to Who might help them continue their extraordinary attempt lam. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said Saturday afternoon that his office is considering accusing an anonymous person of assisting Jennifer Krubb on charges of aiding and abetting or obstructing justice. Lee (Jennifer Crumbley)

Republican congressman under fire after posting a Christmas photo with a gun four days after school

His lawyer, Clarence Dass, said in a statement that Andrzej Sikora had spoken to the police about his involvement.

On Tuesday, during Hanukkah, a Jewish community center in Kansas City was destroyed. According to the Associated Press, Rabbi Yitzchak Itkin said in a Facebook post: “There’s nothing like walking into Chabad’s house to attend an early morning Torah course and discovering that this place has been The tearing up is even more disturbing." "This is my reality this week." The rabbi said that the saboteurs caused the flood, damaged the wires, and threw books and papers around. Kansas City...