Outdoor Voices Exclusive Discount: Best Fall Sports Staples

2021-11-12 09:18:51 By : Ms. Amy Don

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A drawer full of sweatshirts and sportswear may make you think differently, but let's be realistic: you will never have too many comfortable staples in your closet. Of course, these leisure items may have been reserved for your time off work, whether they occur in your comfortable home, gym, home gym or any other low-key place. But in 2021, when comfort comes first, they have become heroes in your wardrobe. If you want to use some new loot to increase your quantity, you have no reason not to do it at a considerable discount—especially when the loot comes from Outdoor Voices (yes, you read that right).

From now until November 17, Outdoor Voices will provide Men's Health readers with an exclusive 25% discount on their first order. All you have to do is use the code MENSHEALTH25 at the checkout and you are ready to go. So, if you haven't tried the brand yourself (and some of your relatives on your holiday shopping list), now is definitely time to put OV in your hands-can we recommend some of our personal favorites?

If you are not sure about adding to your shopping cart, you will find a selection of items currently loved by our team members-including a selection of the new OV Outdoors series from Outdoor Voices, which will inspire you to go outside (Who doesn't want to do this when the weather is still pleasant?). Of course, we cannot stay away from the time-tested classics. Check out the brand's must-haves below-whether they are for your next hike or indoor elevator course-and add them to your shopping cart, stat.

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"There is no doubt that this is a light, soft and comfortable T-shirt. The All Day Longsleeve crew neck is made of a balanced blend of fabrics, including spandex, allowing active men to exercise easily. In addition, it is sturdy Wearing the base layer under a sweater or sweating is as easy as pairing it with chinos or jeans alone." —Ted Stafford, Fashion Director

"These are not your weird uncle’s zippers. The colors are fashionable, but very good. TerraStretch material is comfortable enough to lie down, but waterproof can resist various factors, there are many convenient pockets, the zipper part reaches the ideal height, so you Never be bothered by a weird fit. We like to wear these, just like going out on an adventure." — Brett Williams, fitness editor

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"I have tried a lot of long bottoming shirts in John style. No one has ever thought this waffle knit is as soft as butter. I like this fabric to absorb sweat and wick away sweat to prevent me from overheating when jogging in late autumn. The color range is also Don’t feel outdated, so I can mix and match with my endless vests and cardigans." —Taylin Washington Harmon, Health Editor

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"As a person who wears a cardigan in the fall, I think my collection is complete-until I get acquainted with OV's new pullover. Simply put, this layered dress is very good. It has a velvety look. It feels soft and you lie in it day after day, but its lining makes it the perfect choice for autumn hikes (I say, hell is)." —Dale Arden Chong, Gear & Commerce editor

"Use a 5-inch inner seam to show off your quad, or use a 7-inch inner seam to look equally fashionable. It can still hug your legs. The pocket is deep enough to hold your largest phone, but not too deep to As for it sliding to your knees annoyingly. It's the perfect shorts for a summer stroll in the supermarket or a drink on a date night." -Josh St. Clair, Editorial Assistant

"Sweatpants have become a must-have item in everyone's wardrobe. But not every day you can see fit sweatpants. Pickup Sweatpants from Outdoor Voices complements these two sports pants. These cotton pants feel very comfortable. You want to keep them for the entire week. Fortunately, their fit will keep you in good shape from Monday to Sunday. What else do you want?" —Jamie Prokel, Creative Director

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"Can we talk about this fabric? It's smooth, soft, stretchy, and very thin-everything you want is the versatile single product you want, cool enough on lazy days, suitable for For home wear, jeans are also suitable for going out or dark denim pants. I have a feeling that in the next few months, I will wear it often, and the breathability of the hoodie material means that even in a slightly milder In the spring months, I can continue to wear it." —Spencer Dukoff, Associate Editor

"Finally, a wool that is somewhere between fashionable sheep and rugged outdoor people. This unisex vest is my new hiking and dog walking partner, with a stylish front clip that can be connected to anything on the keychain. Practicality, warmth and fashion no longer mutually exclusive this vest."-TWW

"OV worked with Rumple to provide us with two of the coolest looking fluffy blankets. This super soft and comfortable blanket is my best friend, and I like that it is made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials. It is very suitable On a refreshing autumn morning when the sun rises, take the dog out or have a cup of coffee on the porch. It is very portable and I find myself throwing it in my bag just to prepare."-JP

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"These OV Club Crew socks feel very good from the very first moment you put them on. Not too heavy or too thin, these lightweight socks feel like a dream. Retro tube socks stripes add coolness. Just like sewing The information is on every pair of toes. These socks will make your feet happy and let you do things at the same time."-JP

"They look like the best-fitting sweatpants you have ever owned. And they feel like your most comfortable pajamas. Somehow, they keep your legs warm in the cold wind (unlike your pajamas) while exercising. Keep it cool (unlike your current sweatpants). You can wear them out and look stylish and feel like you are still in bed, which is almost unfair."—JSC

"The fleece season is my favorite season. But many of the fleece jackets I have in the past are either a bit too loose or lack the technology to keep you warm in cold weather. This full zipper checked all the boxes and made me It feels comfortable, warm (but not too warm), stylish, and has many pockets to take risks in cold weather."—SD